Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies and under the Department of Classics’ additional admission requirements, stated below:

MA Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of an undergraduate program in Classics or a related field with a B+ average in the final year, and the equivalent of at least three and preferably four full years of training in either Greek or Latin and two full years of training in the other. Admission to the MA program in Ancient History with strong training in only one of the ancient languages is possible.
  • Applicants may be admitted to either the one-year or the two-year MA program, depending on their level of preparation.
  • Students who are otherwise qualified but who lack the required amount of training in Greek and Latin should consult with the Department about further preparation.

PhD Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Standard conditions. Successful completion of either a strong undergraduate program in Classics (with at least an A- average in the final year), or a strong MA program in Classics or a related field (with at least a B+ average overall and at least one A-). All students must have the equivalent of at least four years of training in each of Latin and Greek, and a broad preparation in the reading of ancient texts in the original languages.
  • Advanced standing. Applicants may be admitted with advanced standing if they have completed the revised MA program at the University of Toronto (having graduated in the year 2000 or later) with grades of at least B+ in all components, and a grade of at least A- on the Graduate Research Paper.