Elliott Fuller

PhD Candidate


I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto interested in Bronze Age archaeology. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria where I graduated with honours and distinction. While there, I wrote an undergraduate thesis focused on the dedication of fibulae in Early Iron Age mortuary contexts in the Eastern Mediterranean. I then completed my Master’s degree at Brock University. My interest in jewellery and death continued and resulted in a thesis which examined the dynamics of gender, funerary ritual, and adornment in Grave Circle B at Mycenae. Recently, my research has shifted away from the realm of the dead and towards the world of the living. I am currently writing a dissertation in which I examine several Aegean Bronze Age harbour sites and look for characteristics which unite them as an analytical category. This project will serve as a corrective for the simplistic way these complex sites have been viewed in past scholarship. I am also keen to investigate some interesting aspects of these sites that have been neglected because of a lack of synthetic research. One notable example is the presence of “weird” material culture that was likely the product of the intense cultural exchange which these liminal sites fostered.

Research Interests: Maritime and coastal archaeology; ancient ports and harbours; trade; cultural exchange