UTMACS Joints Concluding Session: Moderated by Martin Revermann, University of Toronto

When and Where

Friday, March 15, 2024 1:10 pm to 4:00 pm
Live via Zoom and CDRS (MN3230)
Maanjiwe nendamowinan
1535 Outer Circle, University of Toronto Mississauga


Martin Revermann, University of Toronto


2023-24 University of Toronto Mississauga Annual Classics Seminar Series: "Centre and Periphery"

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Moderated by Martin Revermann, Professor of Classics and Theatre Studies, University of Toronto

Lecture Description

Seminar Description

Moderator Bio
Professor Revermann is a classical philologist and cultural historian, with particular interests in theatre (especially ancient Greek and 20th-century European theatre), translation, religion, lyric poetry (both ancient and modern), the history of science as well as modes of comparatism. Specific areas of research include performance criticism, iconography and sociology of Greek drama; the cultural history of Greek theatre from antiquity to the 21st century; the history, theory and practices of translation (esp. that of Greek and Latin texts); the role of theatre and performance in the history of science; and exploring the interfaces between theatre and religion. Major focal points of his have been Greek comedy (notably Aristophanes), tragedy as a dynamic art form as well as the work (both dramatic and lyrical) of Bertolt Brecht. His research (and graduate teaching) therefore integrates Classics, Theatre Studies, Comparative Literature, German Studies and History.

The theme for this year's UTM Annual Classics Seminar (UTMACS) is centre and periphery. The speakers will challenge and explore this topic from various perspectives. For those who have not yet attended a UTMACS seminar, the sessions are in two parts, consisting of (1) a lecture (1:10–approx. 2:40 pm) followed, after a short break, by (2) a seminar-style discussion (3–4 pm) that is centred on the ‘focus item’ specified by the lecturer.

Professor Revermann's talk, the final installation of UTMACS 2023-24. will take place on Friday, March 15th, 1:10PM to 4:00PM, at UTM in CDRS, Maanjiwe nendamowinan 3230, and broadcast live via Zoom.

Zoom link and readings will be circulated one week in advance.


1535 Outer Circle, University of Toronto Mississauga