Waiting Lists

  • All courses at the University of Toronto have limited enrolment, determined by the resources, both physical (rooms) and personal (instructors and teaching assistants) that can be devoted to them. Classics courses, like those in most other departments, routinely reach their capacity. When they do, the enrolment program (ACORN) places students in a ranked waiting list.
  • The system is entirely automated. Neither the instructor nor the Undergraduate Coordinator can change a student’s position on the list.
  • For 300-level CLA seminars, students enrolled in the Classical Civilization Major and Minor Program, have priority access for several weeks prior to the beginning of classes. Until the Priority is removed, other students will not be permitted to apply, and it will appear that the course is full. Once the priority has been lifted, all students have the same standing in access to the course and in placement on the waiting list. These courses have limited enrolment (currently 40) and usually fill up with students in the Classical Civilization programs, so it is important to establish your status in the program before you apply to these courses.
  • Students on waiting lists do get into courses. Just before classes start, students who have been assigned places in courses, but have not in fact paid fees and registered, will be removed from courses. In addition, there are always students who decide to drop a class after the first meeting when they realize it is not what they expected or wanted. But if you are well down on a waiting list, you should probably consider other options. You SHOULD NOT attend a class “in the hope of getting in” if the classroom is full. You will be placing the University in contravention of Fire Regulations.