Current Undergraduate Courses

Current courses are listed in the University of Toronto Timetable Builder. Select Faculty / Division: "Faculty of Arts and Science" and enter "Department of Classics" under Department / Subject Area.

A list of all course offered by the Department of Classics is available in the Faculty of Arts & Science Academic Calendar. NOTE: Not every 300-level CLA course is offered every year; LAT and GRK 300- and 400-year courses are offered on the basis of even-numbered course codes on even-numbered years, and odd-numbered on odd-numbered years. 300- and 400-level LAT and GRK courses meet at the same time, usually with the 400-level students doing extra material, with the 300-level covering less material and often less class time than the full four hours per week.

Students can find the times and locations of their classes through ACORN.

Course instructors and faculty can find the times and locations of all classes through the "Courses at a Glance" tile under "Classroom Resources" on the Learning Space Management (LSM) Portal