Independent Studies

  • CLA 400H1 and 401H1, GRK 428H1 and 428H1, and LAT 428H1and 429H1 are course numbers set aside for students to do independent study under the supervision of an individual instructor. They are advanced courses, for which the prerequisite is a full credit at the 300-level in the appropriate area. Students who are allowed to take these courses will usually be in the final year of a Major or Specialist Program.
  • The student should take the initiative in approaching a potential instructor with a proposal for a topic of study. CLA 400H1 and 401H1 are more likely to involve intensive research in a topic resulting in a major essay, while GRK/LAT 428H1/429H1 may involve the close supervised reading of texts not otherwise covered in the curriculum. Course requirements should resemble those for a scheduled course at the same level.
  • Once students and potential instructors have agreed on a topic for study and a plan on how to manage the course, they should complete the PDF iconIndependent-Studies-Approval-Form.pdf, and bring it to the Undergraduate Coordinator for approval.
  • Students cannot enrol in Independent Study courses on the Student Web Service (ACORN), but will be enrolled in the course by the Department, based on the information on the form.