Dissertations Completed


David Sutton (April 1, 2022) “Ut Ameris, Ama: Intimacy, Desire and the Ideal of Equal Friendship in Martial’s Rome”


Edward Parker (July 26, 2021) “In the Margins of Justice: The Negotiation of Social Values in Athenian Forensic Oratory”
Joseph Gerbasi (June 23, 2021) “The Trial of Socrates and the Idea of Athens”
Matthew Watton (June 14, 2021) “Platonis Imitator: Cicero’s Reception of Platonic Philosophy”
David Wallace-Hare (June 7, 2021) “Mountain Industries and Votive Dedications in Roman Acquitania and Hispania”
Jesse Hill (February 23, 2021) “The Latin Past and the Poetry of Catullus”


R. Mazzara (October 8, 2020) “Plautinopolis: Imagination and Representation in Plautus’ Roman Comedy”
C. Graf (January 2020) “Wisdom and Other Feelings: Affect, Knowledge, and the Senecan Subject”


B. Hald (November 2019) “Vision, Fear, and Knowledge in Thucydides’ History”
J. Fabiano (May 2019) “Narratu Sunt Digna: Aspects of the Socio-Economic Life of Rome’s Plebs, 275-455 CE”
A. Cushing (March 23, 2019) “The Economic Relationship between Patron and Freedman in Italy in the Early Roman Empire”


J. A. Easton (November 29, 2018) “Rising From Below: The Families of Roman Municipal Freedmen and Social Mobility in the Roman Empire”
M. Durand (June 28, 2018) “Language and Reality: Stoic Semantics Reconstructed”
C. Hines (April 9, 2018) “Ovid’s Visceral Reactions: Reproduction, Domestic Violence, and Civil War”


J. E. P. Abad (December 15, 2017) “Identity and Religion in Roman North Africa: the Apologetics of Tertullian”


J. E. Cundy (September 2, 2016) “Axion Theas: Wonder, Space, and Place in Pausanias’ Periegesis Hellados”
S. C. Bilynskyj Dunning (April 19, 2016) “Roman Ludi Saeculares from the Republic to Empire”
J. H. Oliver (April 8, 2016) “Queer World-Making in Petronius’ Satyrica”
J. A. M. MacCormick (March 15, 2016) “The Philosophy of Moral Response in the Imperial Stoa”


N. B. Gilbert (March 20, 2015) “Among Friends: Cicero and the Epicureans”


J. E. Higgins (October 3, 2014) “From Fleet to Foot: An Analysis of Odysseus’ Pedestrian Journeys in the Odyssey”
E. Seiradaki (September 12, 2014) “The Arms of Achilles: Re-Exchange in the Iliad”
E. A. Barbiero (September 4, 2014) “Reading Between The Lines: Letters in Plautus”
A. E. Brook (August 18, 2014) “Ritual Poetics in the Plays of Sophocles”
Y. Lozynsky (March 24, 2014) “Ancient Greek Cult Hymns: Poets, Performers and Rituals”
P. L. Hadley (March 7, 2014) “Athens in Rome, Rome in Germany: Nicodemus Frischlin’s 1586 translations of Aristophanes”


M. E. M. Robinson, (September 17, 2013) “Ways of Hearing Sophokles: Auditory Spaces and Social Dynamics in the Elektra, Philoktetes, Trachiniai, and Oidipous Tyrannos”
V. Ciocani, (September 10, 2013) “Virginity and Representation in the Greek Novel and Early Greek Poetry”
C. T. Jordan, (May 9, 2013) “Voicing Power Through the Other: Elite Appropriations of Fable in the 1st-3rd Centuries CE”
R. W. McCutcheon, (April 12, 2013) “An Archaeology of Cicero’s Letters: A Study of Late Republican Textual Culture”
M. Pietropaolo, (January 18, 2013) “The Elegiac Grotesque”


M. Racette-Campbell, (November 30, 2012) “The Construction of Masculinity in Propertius”
E. R. Fletcher, (June 27, 2012) “Plato on Pleasure, Intelligence and the Human Good: An Interpretation of the Philebus”
S. L. McCallum, (June 15, 2012) “Taking Love Seriously: Amor and Erotic Elegy in Vergil’s ‘Italian Iliad'”
C. R. Wallace, (June 8, 2012) “The Evolution of the Hellenistic Polis: Case Studies in Politics and Political Culture”
L. E. Mawhinney, (May 14, 2012) “Sympotic and Rhapsodic Discourse in the Homeric Epics”
J. M. Lynd, (February 10, 2012) “Aspects of Evil in Seneca’s Tragedies”
J. I. Neel, (January 13, 2012) “Creative History, Political Reality: Imagining Monarchy in the Roman Republic”


C. C. O’Hogan, (October 19, 2011) “Geography and Space in the Poetry of Prudentius”
M-P. Krück, (September 1, 2011) “La corruption dans la pensée grecque classique”
J. A. Westerhold, (August 26, 2011) “Tragic Desire: Phaedra and her Heirs in Ovid”
D. R. Sells, (March 22, 2011) “Old Comedy and its Performative Rivals in the Fifth Century”


A. S. McMaster, (June 29, 2010) “Liberalitas in Late Republican and Augustan Roman Poetry”
D. B. Cuff, (April 9, 2010) “The Auxilia in Roman Britain and the Two Germanies from Augustus to Caracalla: Family, Religion and ‘Romanization'”
T. P. Perry, (April 5, 2010) “Exile in Homeric Epic”
G. A. Kovacs, (January 25, 2010) “Iphigenia at Aulis: Myth, Performance, and Reception”


K. M. Mattison, (September 4, 2009) “Recasting Troy in Fifth-Century Attic Tragedy”


J. E. Tracy, (December 12, 2008) “Science, Egypt and Escapism in Lucan”


R. L. Ast, (October 15, 2007) “Late Antique and Byzantine Papyri in the Collection of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena”
C. M. Maynes, (March 2, 2007) “Lingering on the Threshold: The Door in Augustan Elegy”


G. A. Bevan, (August 23, 2005) “The Case of Nestorius: Ecclesiastical Politics in the East, 428-251 CE”
S. Nervegna, (June 23, 2005) “Studies in the Reception of Menander in Antiquity”


S. M. Downie, (September 2, 2004) “The Political Uses of Hero Cult at Olympia and Delphi”
J. O. Lougovaya, (July 14, 2004) “An Historical Study of Athenian Verse Epitaphs from the Sixth through the Fourth Centuries B.C.”
P. Samaras, (April 14, 2004) “Divine Phthonos in Pindar”


D. C. Roselli, (December 13, 2002) “Gender and Class in Athenian Material Culture”
D. A. Meban, (June 24, 2002) “Essays in Vergilian Intertextuality: Text, Culture, Context”


S. Trepanier, (December 14, 2001) “Empedocles: An Interpretation”
P. L. Fagan, (February 16, 2001) “Horses in the Similes of the Iliad: A Case Study”


A. L. Suksi, (June 21, 1999) “Odysseus in Democratic Athens”


B. G. Robertson, (September 30, 1998) “Personal Names as Evidence for Athenian Social and Political History, ca. 507-200 B.C.”
K. A. Simonsen, (September 29, 1998) “The Development of the Ram in Greek Naval History”


R. Nickel, (January 10, 1997) “Paris in the Epic Tradition: A Study in Homeric Techniques of Characterization”


G. T. Jensson, (November 7, 1996) “The Recollections of Encolpius: A Reading of the Satyrica as Greco-Roman Erotic”
J. G. Kron, (August 5, 1996) “Landed Commercial Wealth at Classical Athens 500-200 B.C.”
R. A. Metcalfe, (July 25, 1996) “Herodotus and Athens”
A. V. Kalinowski, (May 27, 1996) “Patterns of Patronage: The Politics of Ideology of Public Buildings in the Roman Empire (31 BCE-600 CE)”
D. Martidou, (May 17, 1996) “The Role of Stories in Herodotus”
S. A. Kennell, (April 19, 1996) “Magnus Felix Ennodius: An Author and his Works”


K. L. Gaca, (November 24, 1995) “The Early Christian Adapation of Ancient Greek Philosophical and Biblica Principle of Human Sexual Conduct”
J. L. Christie, (November 10, 1995) “Attitudes towards Work in the Early Roman Empire: Pagan and Christian Views”
S. Pothecary, (January 27, 1995) “Strabo and the ‘Inhabited World'”
A. L. Connolly, (January 20, 1995) “Sophocles, the Perecter of Tragedy: Studies in Rezeptionsgeschichte”


J. S. Burgess, (December 16, 1994) “The Death of Achilles in the Iliad”
N. A. Maes, (March 25, 1994) “‘The Long Day Wanes’ Old Age in Homer”


C. G. Johnson, (December 6, 1993) “Ptolemaic Royal Titulature in Royal and Civil Document (304-116 B.C.)”
F. A. Skoczylas, (April 28, 1993) “Unthucydidean Approaches: The Moral Use of the Past in the Fourth-Century Proce”
T. E. Goud, (January 18, 1993) “Latin Imperial Historiography between Livy and Tacitus”


G. C. Hansen, (December 14, 1992) “A Stylistic Analysis of Ovidian Elegiac Poetry with a View towards Determining the Authorship of Heroides 16-21”
R. L. Maxwell, (December 11, 1992) “The Documentary Evidence for Ancient Mime”
R. A. Faber, (June 29, 1992) “Ecphrasis in Hellenistic Poetry”
E. A. Warman, (April 20, 1992) “I Begin with Pandora”