Auditing Classes

The Department of Classics has no general departmental policy about auditing classes, and leaves the decision about permitting auditors into their courses to individual instructors. It is obviously good practice and good manners to approach instructors for permission before attending any class.

No record is kept of auditors, no work is graded, and no fee is charged for participation.

Potential auditors should note that:

  • Many language classes, especially the Introductory courses GRK101, GRK102, LAT101 and LAT102, expect students to submit a lot of work to be graded—tests, quizzes and the like—and students need to do this work regularly and receive feedback from instructors in order to profit from the class. Since auditors are simply attending the class, they cannot expect the instructors to grade and comment on their work. As this is an essential component of the learning process, auditing is not generally encouraged in Introductory Language classes. Those who wish to attend these courses must be formally enrolled in order to profit from them; graduate students in particular should consult their graduate department about the conditions under which they can be enrolled in undergraduate courses.
  • Very many CLA courses, as well as a few in GRK and LAT, reach their enrolment capacity and generate substantial waiting lists in most sessions. Auditing is not permitted when a class is full with registered students. For most classes, the enrolment limit is determined by the capacity of the room, and it would be a fire hazard (and hence, illegal) to permit more students to attend than the stated capacity of the room. If there are more persons attending than the number authorized for the room, those not registered in the class will be asked to leave.