Classics Graduate Student Union

CGSU 2023-2024 Executive

  • President: Elliott Rosenthal
  • Vice-President: Tiphaine Lahuec
  • Treasurer: Anastasia Zabalueva
  • Secretary: Angus Wilson
  • Social Chair: Ksenia Romashova

What is the CGSU?

The CGSU is the general body of Classics graduate students. The executive is elected annually, and we hold bi-annual meetings. Our goal is help provide a sense of community and belonging for all the grad students in the Department. The exec acts as liaison between grad students and departmental administration, and is vital in organizing social events for the grad community. In the past year, we undertook a revitalization of the Woodbury Library (you might even be sitting on some of the new furniture now!) and organized a number of social events (including a holiday Secret Saturnalia, a nature walk, and lots of pub nights). If you’re a classics grad student, then you’re one of us, and we’re here for you. Please feel free to get in touch, and we hope to see you at some of our future events!

University-Wide Student Life Resources 

Gradlife is a hub to help you navigate grad life at U of T and connect you to workshops, social events, campus services and resources. It provides community through programs where you can gain balance, build skills, seek support, and connect with other graduate students across disciplines.

Student Organization Portal is a one-stop website listing a large and diverse directory of student clubs, organizations, activities and opportunities on all three University of Toronto campuses. The thousands of entries include film appreciation clubs, debating societies, sports teams, social activism, drop-in classes, and research opportunities and awards.