Fae Amiro



Fae Amiro is a postdoctoral fellow in Historical Studies. Her main research area is Roman portraiture, with particular interests in the mechanisms of portrait dissemination and production, and the messages intended by officially sanctioned imperial imagery. Her work deals primarily with numismatic and sculptural evidence from Rome and the provinces. She holds a BA in Ancient Mediterranean Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University and an MA and PhD in Classics from McMaster University. This past year, she held the J. E. A. Crake Doctoral Fellowship at Mount Allison University and, in 2017, she graduated from the American Numismatic Society’s Eric P. Newman Graduate Seminar. Her current research includes a study of the portraits of imperial women on Roman provincial coinage. She is also working on a book developed from her dissertation on the numismatic and sculptural portraits of the Roman Empress Sabina.

Fae has recently taught courses in classical archaeology, Latin, and Roman portraiture, and will be teaching Introduction to Classical Mythology in Winter 2022.


PhD, McMaster University