Claudia Paparella

PhD Student


I started my studies at Sapienza, University of Rome, where I received my BA in Classics and my MA in Philology, Literatures and History of the Ancient World.

My area of expertise ranges from pre-Roman to Republican Roman history, with a focus on Latin and Italic epigraphy. My research questions are currently mainly focused on two areas. Firstly, I am particularly interested in the role of writing in the representation of social prestige, in the ritual activities in sanctuaries, as well as in the evolution of the concept of the state. Thus, my PhD project leans on a cross-disciplinary approach to investigate the role of literacy in pre-Roman and Roman Italy. My second research strand concerns the study of the ancient perception of environmental and climate phenomena. In fact, I am currently working on pre-Roman and Roman sources to investigate how the Roman and Italic people interpreted natural phenomena according to their epistemological framework.

An ongoing archaeological formation complements my interest in ancient history. I have been involved in several international archaeological excavations, such as Vada Volaterrana and Falerii Novi, and I am currently a member of the Mediterranean Archaeology Collaborative Specialization Program.

Research Interests: pre-Roman/Roman history and archaeology, Italic languages, epigraphy, literacy, writing