Georgia Ferentinou

PhD Student


I was awarded both my BA (2009-2013) and MA (2014-2016) degrees in Classics by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. My MA Thesis focused on the Hypsipyle episode in Valerius’ Argonautica. I am now entering my third year in the PhD program at the University of Toronto where I currently hold a Junior Fellowship from the Jackman Humanities Institute. My main research area revolves around Roman Epic, especially of the Flavian period. I mainly focus on the ways in which intertextuality and narrative techniques reveal the poetics of the Flavian epicists and their reception of previous literary tradition. I am also interested in the preceding Neronian Bellum Civile, its aesthetic aspects and interaction with epic forms, and its subsequent reception by the Flavian epics. Finally, the reception of Latin epic in Medieval and Renaissance literature is another aspect of my research interests.