Kat Furtado

PhD Candidate


I hold a BA (Honours) in Classics with a second major in Political Science from Acadia University, and an MA in Classical Languages from the University of Alberta. My undergraduate research focused on political ideology in the late Roman Republic and early Principate. During my master’s, I turned more toward ancient Greek philosophy, and I wrote my final project on Aristotle’s ethical works.

At the University of Toronto, my focus remains primarily on ancient Greek philosophy, in part through my participation in the Collaborative Specialisation in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy. My broad interests are in friendship, political community, and emotion in ancient ethical philosophy, and I’m currently pursuing these themes in early Greek (or ‘presocratic’) philosophy, with some attention to Homer (for whom I have a deep and abiding love). I’m also interested in the literary representations of philosophical ideas in ancient texts, and in translation theory, especially concerning ‘back-translation’ of modern literary texts into dead languages.

Research Interests: Friendship, emotion, and community in Greek ethical philosophy