Departmental Committees 2023-2024

Executive Committee:

George Boys-Stones (Department Chair)
Seth Bernard (Associate Chair, Graduate)
Kevin Wilkinson (Associate Chair, Undergraduate)

Senior Committee:

George Boys-Stones (Convener)
Seth Bernard
Kevin Wilkinson
Christer Bruun
Victoria Wohl [F], Alison Keith [S]

Graduate Admissions & Standing Committee:

Seth Bernard (Convener)
George Boys-Stones (ex off.)
Michael Dewar
Rachel Barney [F], Ephraim Lytle [S]
Victoria Wohl [F], Alison Keither [S]

Graduate Examinations Committee:

Ben Akrigg (Convenor)
Martin Revermann
Jarrett Walsh
Kenneth Yu [F], Jonathan Burgess [S]

Library and Resources Committee:

TBA, Resources RA

Publicity and Outreach Committee:

George Boys-Stones (ex off.)
TBA (newsletter)
Adriana Brook (outreach)
TBA - CGSU President
TBA - CLASSU President

Workload Committee:

George Boys-Stones (Convener)
Christer Bruun (F) / Jonathan Burgess (S)
Regina Höschele
Kenneth Yu

Lecture Coordinator:

Regina Höschele

Placement Officer:

Jarrett Welsh

Recording Secretary:

Adriana Brook

East-West TA Liasons:

Mareile Haase - UTM
Katherine Blouin - UTSC

Stream and Collaborative Program Coordinators:

CSAMP: George Boys-Stones
History: Katherine Blouin and Ben Akrigg (F) / Ephraim Lytle (S)
MACS: Seth Bernard
Literature: Michael Dewar and Kenneth Yu

CAC Liaison:

Kevin Wilkinson

CIG Representative:

Ben Akrigg (F) / Ephraim Lytle (S)

International Liaison:

Christer Bruun

Grad Appeals Committee:

Christer Bruun
Regina Höschele
TBA - selected by CGSU

Language Coordination:

Adriana Brook (Greek and Latin)