Literature Stream Seminars: Cristiana Roffi, University of Toronto

When and Where

Tuesday, October 17, 2023 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Room 205
Lillian Massey Building
125 Queens Park, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C7


Cristiana Roffi, University of Toronto


2023 UofT Classics Literature Stream Seminars

Recasting Ovid in Germany: translation and commentary of Jörg Wickram’s Metamorphoses
Cristiana Roffi, A&S Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Humanities

Speaker Bio
Cristiana Roffi holds a joint doctoral degree (cum laude) in Latin Literature from the University of Trento and the University of Augsburg. During her Ph.D. she investigated the 1545 retelling of Ovid’s Metamorphoses by German author Jörg Wickram, thus contributing to the literature on the Ovidian reception during the Reformation in Germany and, more broadly, across Europe. She graduated in Classics from the University of Bologna (BA/MA) and was visiting researcher at the University of Freiburg, the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Ohio State University (Virginia Brown fellowship). Her main research interests focus on the reception of classics, imperial Latin poetry (in particular Ovid) and ecocriticism. Cristiana will holds an office at the Jackman Humanities Institutes and participate in the activities of the JHI's Circle of Fellows. Her fellowship project is titled "Mother Earth. Towards an ecofeminist approach to Ovid's Metamorphoses."

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125 Queens Park, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C7