U of T Classics Students & Faculty Recognized at 2023 CAC Annual Meeting

June 8, 2023 by Department of Classics

At the Classical Association of Canada's 2023 Annual Meeting held at St. Mary's University in Halifax last month, U of T Classics undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and alumni, received awards.

Find a full list of winners below. Congratulations to you all!


Senior Latin Sight Translation Competition, 1st place

Izzy Friesen


Senior Greek Sight Translation Competition, 3rd place

Lillie Nadeau


Senior Essay Contest, 1st place

Sandy Forsyth (“Sibi quisque auctor: the people of Rome as the agents of Tacitus’ Historiae”)


Graduate Student Presentation Prize

Claudia Paparella (“Speaking Objects, Artisans, and Romanization: The Evolution and Social Context of Artisan Signatures in 7th-2nd century Italy")


Best PhD Dissertation

Jesse Hill ("The Latin Past and the Poetry of Catallus")


Elaine Fantham Award for Public Engagement

Katherine Blouin (for her blog Everyday Orientalism)