Regina Höschele

Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator
LI 122D


Fields of Study


Regina Höschele studied classical philology and medieval Latin at the University of Munich, where she received her MA in 2005 and her PhD in 2007. Her current research focuses on poetry books in general and ancient epigram collections in particular. She is the author of two monographs (Verrückt nach Frauen: Der Epigrammatiker Rufin, Tübingen 2006; Die blütenlesende Muse: Poetik und Textualität antiker Epigrammsammlungen, Tübingen 2010) and various articles on Greek and Latin poetry, with a special emphasis on ancient erotic literature. In addition, she co-authored the first full English translation of Aristaenetus’ Erotic Epistles, accompanied by an introduction and notes, together with Peter Bing (Atlanta 2014).

She is particularly interested in the intersection between the Greek and the Roman world. Her current projects include a book-length study of Philip’s Garland and Greek epigram written in the Roman empire. She has taught at the University of Toronto since 2007.