Anass Dakkach

PhD Student


I hold my Bachelor and MA from Université de Montréal. Under the title “De Mehen à l’ouroboros : le symbole du serpent circulaire sur les gemmes magiques gréco-romaines”, my essay explored the ouroboros symbol between its birth in the Egyptian funerary litterature and its adoption by the Grecoroman mediterrenean. I have since expanded my interests into the cryptic “pantheistic entities” of the Graeco-Egyptian magical koine, the interaction between Greek and Egyptian magical iconographies, and the manifestations of Hecate in Egyptian contexts. My curiosity ventures even beyond Late Antiquity into Egyptological and Classical echoes in medieval Arabic sources.

Research Interests: Ritual expertise in Greek and Roman Egypt, the transmission of magical knowledge in the Hellenistic and Roman Mediterranean, magical iconographies, Afro-Asiatic philology, Egyptian New Kingdom funerary literature, Arabic Medieval Historiography.