Gianmarco Bianchini

PhD Candidate


After Classical lyceum in Rome, I continued my study of Greek and Latin literature and language in Sapienza Università di Roma, where I received both my B.A. in Classics (2014) and my M.A. in Philology, Literatures and History of the Ancient World (2016). In my undergraduate thesis (“Ricerche sui drammi satireschi di Sofocle”) I studied four fragmentary satyr plays of Sophocles under the supervision of Prof. M. Di Marco; in my M.A. thesis (“Tra epigrafia e filologia: rapporti tra citazioni epigrafiche e tradizione manoscritta di Ovidio”) I investigated the reception of Ovid in Latin verse inscriptions under the supervision of Prof. G.L. Gregori and M. Rosellini. 

My research interests range from Latin poetry to Roman epigraphy, with a special focus on ancient scholarship on Latin poetry and Latin verse inscriptions. In my dissertation I investigate, under the supervision of Prof. Jarrett T. Welsh, Alison Keith, and Cillian O’Hogan, the ways in which ancient commentators and grammarians conceived and used the auctoritas of Latin poets as tool of linguistic and rhetorical teaching. I have written on the reception of Lucretius and Ovid in Latin inscriptions, on Pompeian graffiti, and on the contribution of epigraphy to the understanding of the institutional role of Augustus as ‘princeps’. Moreover, as member of the Collaborative Specialization in Editing Ancient and Medieval Texts I’m currently working on the manuscript tradition of ps.-Asconius’ commentary on Cicero’s Diuinatio in Caecilium

Selected publications:

  • Forthcoming “Si titulum quaeris: the elogium of St. Felicitas reconsidered in the light of Ovid (fast. 6, 212)”. In Phoenix
  • Forthcoming “Virgilio epigrafico. La prima testimonianza su pietra di Aen. 1, 5-6” (with G.L. Gregori). In Rationes Rerum
  • Forthcoming “Un curioso graffito serpentiforme di Pompei. CIL, IV 1595 = CLE 927” (with G.L. Gregori). In Inscriptions mineures en miroir: textes, langues et supports. Actes du 3e colloque Ductus association internationale pour l'étude des inscriptions mineures. Rome. 
  • Forthcoming “Epigraphic Habit in a Pompeian House: Rules of Good Manners” (with G.L. Gregori). In Inscriptions and the Epigraphic Habit: Proceedings of the Third North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, Washington, DC, January 2020. Leiden. (Forthcoming in the Brill Studies in Greek and Roman Epigraphy series, edited by J. Bodel and A. Scafuro). 

Research Interests: Ancient Scholarship on Latin Poetry; ps.-Asconius and the Commentary Tradition on Cicero’s Speeches; Latin Verse Inscriptions.